KDE 4.1 is out

So, now KDE 4 is nicely getting into shape - much has been improved/added since the launch of 4.0 in january.
I'm currently evaluating the 4.1 packages from kubuntu, and I must say, I'm more and more using it as my main desktop for day-to-day tasks.
There are still some rough edges, of course, as well as missing configuration options (e.g. adding favorites in kickoff menu still not possible from GUI), but as usual, these issues are getting fixed quickly.
Most important for me, however, is the significantly increased responsiveness and speed of the whole thing - still not exactly as snappy as 3.5.x, but much better than 4.0.x.
Also, more and more applications are getting ported to kde4, such as kblogger (which is what I'm using ATM to write this post ) - what I'm still missing is konversation and kdewebdev.
And, yes, there are many new things to discover/play around with - reading other blogs about these helps getting started,
often even more than just the impressive changelogs in the official announcements.
As a first conclusion, KDE 4.1 is now in shape to be adopted by a broad audience of (curious) users - I can only encourage anyone to give it a try, at least as an additional install alongside the well known 3.5.x, it is well worth doing so.

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