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Neue Grav Plugins

Neue Grav Plugins

An sich ist dieser Blogpost ja überflüssig, da ich meine Eigenentwicklungen regelmässig auf meiner GitHub Seite veröffentliche - dennoch möchte ich hier meine 2 neuesten Kreationen kurz vorstellen:

Grav Plugin Fullcalendar

So, by the end of the year, I finally managed to get my Grav ICS Calendar Plugin to display ICS Calendar(s) in a state that corresponds to what I was using during my Wordpress era .
This was a task that I had postponed… Weiterlesen...

Grav Package Management

This is a short description and comparison for the Package Management Methods available and used in Grav CMS. Mainly, these are three:

  • General Packages like Grav itself and its Components, done via Composer
  • Native Grav Packages (Plugins and Themes), done by Weiterlesen...

Goodbye Wordpress, hello Grav !

As already mentioned, I have lately been working on migrating my Website from Wordpress to Grav - first out of curiosity, later on because I became more and more convinced, this would be the better Option in the long term, due to the unique Features of Grav and the shortcomings of Wordpress - the biggest, never fixed design flaw beeing the fact to store abolute URL's in the database, and even worse, in additional places throughout… Weiterlesen...