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minicom/CuteCom Nostalgie

Ich weiss, heutzutage braucht man nur noch selten ein Terminalprogramm für serielle Schnittstellen, aber manchmal eben doch . Und so einen Fall hatte ich gerade: mein neu aufgesetzter Debian-Server bekam im Zuge einer Entrümpelungsaktion nun keinen Bildschirm und keine Tastatur mehr, und so stellte sich die Frage, wie ich da rankommen soll, falls mal das Netzwerk nicht geht oder ein Filesystemcheck beim Boot nicht ohne Benutzereingriff durchläuft. Also mal schnell nach 'Linux Server serial Port boot' gesucht und… Weiterlesen...

Thoughts about KDE/trinity...

First of all, this might seem to be mostly a rant about KDE, but I think it is not (at least partly :) ).
But it is, for sure, criticism, and, of course, my very personal opinion (I am not in any way a representative of any of the mentioned projects, just a user/contributor - more or less). So, what's going on in the KDE world ?
In short, these are the most important activities:
In 2008, KDE4 was started as the successor to KDE 3.5, with massive changes to the underlying software stack, not just porting to qt4.
First to mention,… Weiterlesen...

Is KDE 3.5 dead ?

Short answer: no :)
Long answer: from the point of view of the official KDE project, KDE 3.x is definitely dead - noone there still doing fixes/improvements for it (IMHO), which is a shame.
Ok, I understand the limitations of ressources/manpower etc., but still: giving up a good product long before the successor reaches its full feature set (if it ever will) isn't that cool. Additionally, as the successor (KDE 4.x) has (MHO) too big demands at the hardware level (just won't run reasonable well on some low end/older graphics cards).
But,… Weiterlesen...