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Picasaweb Ärger

Jaja, wird mancher sagen: habs doch gleich gewusst dass es keinen Sinn hat, sich auf die grossen Datenkraken - in diesem Fall Google - zu verlassen, aber es ist halt sooo bequem ...
Worum gehts ?
Picasaweb, der Google Bilderdienst, der nun immerhin 12 Jahre gute Dienste geleistet hat. Im Februar kam die Ankündigung, dass dieser im Mai eingestellt wird, wobei vorhandene Daten (Bilder) automatisch zu Google Fotos transferiert werden sollten. Soweit, sogut, dachte ich, warten wirs einfach mal ab.
Und… Weiterlesen...

SPAM Schleuder :)

Hier mal wieder ein kleines Tool, entstanden aus aktuellem Anlass. Wer kennt nicht das Problem, mal schnell eine email an eine Liste von Empfängern zu schreiben, ohne deren emailadressen allgemein publik zu machen und gleichzeitig ein wenig individuell zu wirken ?
Sicher, man kann die email an einen virtuellen Empfänger (oder an sich selbst) adressieren und alle andern auf BCC setzen, aber da fehlt dann halt die persönliche Note in Form einer individuellen Anrede (Hallo XYZ,).
Also schnell mal nach 'smtp send email python' gegoogelt und… Weiterlesen...

Kdevelop for Web Developers

Basically, this is a follow-up on my Article about Quanta/Gubed several years ago. However, as Quanta is long dead now, unfortunately, there is clearly a need for a replacement, especially one that integrates well with KDE.

And no, I'm not going to bash established IDEs like eclipse, netbeans etc. - just a simple word: I personnaly don't like dinosaurs . So, what's left ?
Short answer: Weiterlesen...

KDE 4.9.2 - another approach

So, after having been fed up with akonadi/nepomuk Disaster in previous KDE4 Versions (and hence switched to Trinity) I decided to give it another try.

This was mainly triggered by recent, rather positive feedback in KDE mailinglists, which indicated, things could have been significantly improved.
So I bit the bullet and installed Kubuntu 12.04 with KDE 4.9.2 (from backports PPA) alongside my favourite Debian/Trinity on my main Desktop, which is a rather weak peace of Hardware (Dual core Intel Atom, 1.7 MHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, Intel GMA3150… Weiterlesen...

Thoughts about KDE/trinity...

First of all, this might seem to be mostly a rant about KDE, but I think it is not (at least partly :) ).
But it is, for sure, criticism, and, of course, my very personal opinion (I am not in any way a representative of any of the mentioned projects, just a user/contributor - more or less). So, what's going on in the KDE world ?
In short, these are the most important activities:
In 2008, KDE4 was started as the successor to KDE 3.5, with massive changes to the underlying software stack, not just porting to qt4.
First to mention,… Weiterlesen...

Is KDE 3.5 dead ?

Short answer: no :)
Long answer: from the point of view of the official KDE project, KDE 3.x is definitely dead - noone there still doing fixes/improvements for it (IMHO), which is a shame.
Ok, I understand the limitations of ressources/manpower etc., but still: giving up a good product long before the successor reaches its full feature set (if it ever will) isn't that cool. Additionally, as the successor (KDE 4.x) has (MHO) too big demands at the hardware level (just won't run reasonable well on some low end/older graphics cards).
But,… Weiterlesen...

Welcome back, KDE4 ;-)

Ok, so I bit the bullet once more and decided to try KDE 4.3.2 once again on my main machine (Dell GX270, Intel 865 graphics onboard) despite the horrible experience on my AMD Duron (SiS onboard graphics) described in my previous post 'Goodby KDE4'. To be honest, with not much hope for improvement, as I already had 4.3.1 installed on the very same machine, using kubuntu jaunty - not much better performance there as described above, though.
Anyway, the karmic developers claimed to have improved Intel Graphics support significantly, so I d… Weiterlesen...


Goodbye KDE(4)

Well, I've been a KDE addict since I first recognized it (that was 2.0, if I remember right), but now it looks like I'll have to look for something else. Why ? Long story short:
I've been following KDE4 development since 4.0, tried every minor version since then, discovered nice new features, learnt to do some things in other ways than used to, so far, BUT: despite all recommendations/tips/tricks/hints (and even slight improvements) it has clearly turned out that KDE4 is a RESSOURCE HOG, turning older computers into slugs, outright horrible… Weiterlesen...