wp-caldav2ics reloaded :-)

wp-caldav2ics reloaded :-)

So, after having stopped Wordpress-Plugin Development long ago, this blog Post is another prove for 'never say never again' .
And, well, this was not anticipated, nor planned, but just the Result of someone coming up with an issue, and, at the same time, offering a solution for it (something that really only happens rarely) !
This was Motivation enough to once again look into this and move this Plugin one Step forward.
Also, as during this Investigation, it turned out that the Plugin would no more work correctly with PHP 8.x on the Server. So, as a result of several Iterations, this issue was also solved, as well as some woes with WP svn, and now finally, there is Version 1.3.2 out in the WP Repo, while Development still takes place on GitHub.
So, first of all, Kudos to JP Gehrke who triggered and contributed to this Update !

And, not to forget for future reference, some remarks about the update-process:

  • for WP Development in a docker environment, always use WORDPRESS_DEBUG: 1 for the wp container
  • keep up with major changes in PHP Updates, e.g. count() now throwing Exceptions when Argument is not countable (from PHP 8.x)
  • follow WP svn advice for WP Repo Updates, especially see svn cp and svn delete
  • always keep in mind that WP Repo uses Version Tag from Plugin Main File and readme.txt as published Version (not only from one of them !)

In Conclusion, this Process has led to ensure further Maintenance for this Plugin in the WP Repo at least for some time coming (in fact, I had already thought about deleting it entirely there).
It does, however, not mean that I will do any other WP Development stuff in the future .

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