Kdevelop for Web Developers

Basically, this is a follow-up on my Article about Quanta/Gubed several years ago. However, as Quanta is long dead now, unfortunately, there is clearly a need for a replacement, especially one that integrates well with KDE.

And no, I'm not going to bash established IDEs like eclipse, netbeans etc. - just a simple word: I personnaly don't like dinosaurs . So, what's left ?
Short answer: Kdevelop .
This, although commonly known as superior IDE for C++ development, especially under KDE, has come a long way and through its flexible plugin-structure, it is nowadays also a feasible alternative for other tasks, including development for scripting languages like php and python.
This article will focus on the php side, as this is what I'm using it for .
So, lets start with the basic features.

  • Project handling: Projects can be created from inside Kdevelop, there are templates for all kinds of projects, including php. On the other hand, it is also possible to simply open an existing directory with source files - voila, thats the new project.
  • Editing: Easy enough, as Kdevelop uses Kate as its default source code editor, which is just awesome, especally with php-documentation installed (this is usually done through  standard package managers). Syntax highlighting, code folding, online help, all is there.

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