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Debian Lenny on eeePC

So, I just finished installing Debian Lenny on my eeePC701, following the instructions on the [Debian eeePC wiki](http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEeePC/HowTo/Install). First attempt failed in phase 'installing packages' due to an unrecoverable error trying to fetch/install some language (i18n) file (didn't note the exact name), appearantly as a result of my choice of language 'german'.


KDE 4.1 is out

So, now KDE 4 is nicely getting into shape - much has been improved/added since the launch of 4.0 in january.
I'm currently evaluating the 4.1 packages from kubuntu, and I must say, I'm more and more using it as my main desktop for day-to-day tasks.
There are still some rough edges, of course, as well as missing configuration options (e.g. adding favorites in kickoff menu still not possible from GUI), but as usual, these issues are getting fixed quickly.
Most important for me, however, is the significantly increased responsiveness… Weiterlesen...

1 week with KDE 4.0 - first impressions

Now that kde 4.0 is out for one week, I'll try to make a short summary of my experience with it: + installation (using kubuntu gutsy) is a breeze + coexists nicely with kde3.5, uses separate path (/usr/lib/kde4) as well as personal configuration (~/.kde4) + import preferences (e.g. konqui bookmarks) from kde3.5 is easy + little quirks/annoyances get fixed at astounding pace + kde3.5 apps run nicely within kde4 + kickoff menu is impressive + system settings much better organized/cleaner than kde3.x's control center + krunner is much more inf… Weiterlesen...

Welcome to Wordpress

Ok, so I changed my website to also use wordpress for my KDE/OSS/Linux issues - I'll leave the old static links untouched, at least for awhile.
Anything new in this area, however, will be created/maintained using wordpress (as it is easier, offers more features).
Next thing todo here are some adjustments so that this category uses its own theme (or at least: custom background).
Shouldn't be that hard :)