KB Easy Gphotos

As already posted in my recent Picasaweb rant, the long time used KB Easy Picasaweb Plugin stopped working by mid 2016 because of Google deprecated their Picasaweb Photo Service in favour of Google Photos.
Given the fact that the original Plugin has not been changed/updated since 2010, there was little hope to get this adapted to work with Google Photos instead of Picasaweb (in Fact, I tried to contact the Author to ask if he would be willing to fix the Problem, or instead look at a modified Version to evtl. incorporate necessary changes, but unfortunately, got no answer so far).
So I decided to try to modify it so it would (at least) work for me. And, well, that’s exactly what I managed to get done now 😀
The modified Version has currently some Limitations compared to the Original:

  • username is no longer supported
  • Auth Key is no longer supported (so, only public Albums can be displayed)
  • Captions are not (yet) supported
  • you might encounter some unwanted (album unrelated) photos beeing displayed at the end of your list, but there is a workaround for that

As an improvement, a new Option has been introduced: use a ‚rel=numpics:xy‘ Tag in your URL to set the Number of displayed photos on a per-Link-Base – this will override the global plugin setting.
Visitors of hoernerfranzracing.de will not encounter much changes due to this new Plugin, as it works in nearly the same way as the old one – so just continue to have fun with the photos here 😀
Anyone who wants to try it, is invited to download the Plugin here – maybe I’ll upload it in the future to wordpress.org/plugins to make it available to a broader audience. weiterlesen